BigBonkTour goes interactive: Heart rate zones calculator

January 06, 2023

BigBonkTour hr zones calculator cover

BigBonkTour releases HR zones calculator

BigBonkTour started as an articles kiosk for cycling-related topics. My mission was and still is to create visually pleasant content which is easy to read and would inspire others to get into the professional side of the sport. But for the past months, I’ve been missing something in my work. And that is interactivity.

On top of creating visually pleasant-to-read content, I’d like to offer tools that are easy to use and would help my readers to achieve their cycling goals. Today, I am happy to announce that BigBonkTour made a step forward with a newly baked Heart rate zones calculator.

Take me to HR zones calculator

How does the HR zones calculator work?

BigBonkTour’s HR zone calculator uses 3 most common methods to provide users with 5 training zones:

  1. Based on age. The most simplistic method that has a margin of error, but if you are new to the sport, there is not much else you can use.
  2. Based on the age and resting HR. If you have measured your resting HR in the near past, you can plug that value to get more accurate training zones.
  3. Based on max HR and resting HR. If you recently suffered a lot on a bike, maybe did a Zwift’s FTP test or hard race, and have that max HR value, you can use that in combination with resting HR to calculate accurate HR training zones.

How to use BigBonkTour’s HR zones calculator?

As mentioned, BigBonkTour is all about simplicity and user-friendliness. Getting your training zones is a simple 3 step action:

  1. Head to the calculator and based on the data you have available, select one of the 3 methods.
  2. Fill in the data.
  3. Get your HR training zones.

How can I measure my resting heart rate?

Having your resting heart rate value will increase the accuracy of your training zones, it is easy and can be done either with an HR monitor or without it. Head to the calculator page for the instructions.

Final words

I am excited to bring this new tool to my readers and push BigBonkTour even further. If you would like to give feedback on the calculator, BigBonkTour in general, or just chat, contact me at or shoot a message on Instagram.


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